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Sabado, Setyembre 14, 2013

More than Three Decades of State Neglect to Education with its Sole Education Act

On 31 years of existence of the sole education act- Batas Pambansa 232 more known as Education Act 1982 since its passage during the Marcos era, the state unceasingly neglects its responsibility to its youth for their right to accessible and quality education.The enactment of the said law further aggravates the whole education system. It serves as passes for any private learning institutions in any level to determine their own tuition rates and other school fees or charges without being strictly regulated and monitored. While on the other hand, state-run learning institutions are force to go into some income generating projects and partnership with private sector to become self-sustaining institutions, utmost giving the burden to its students through tuitions and other miscellaneous fees.Roadmap for Further CommercializationMarcos Education Act of 1982 paved the way to other succeeding administration to push through their “anti-students and anti-people” education platforms.

The Roadmap for Higher Education Reform (RPHER), the Aquino administration program for tertiary education, is just a copycat of Long-term Higher Education Development Plan (LTHEDP) implemented by President Fidel V. Ramos on 1996 which then gave birth to Higher Education Modernization Act (HEMA) in where state universities and colleges (SUCs) were pushed to get into partnership with private sectors and more income generating projects to become cost-efficient and globally competitive. In 2001, LTHEDP was revived by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo obliging each SUCs to be self-sustaining through slashing its budget every year.According to CHED, RPHER intends to pursue include the merging of SUCs, rationalization and closure of “redundant” course offerings, and maximize income generation until 2016 in response to three fundamental weaknesses of Philippine higher education, which includes the “lack of overall vision,” “deteriorating quality,” and “limited access.”But just like its predecessors, Aquino’s RPHER just reiterates the previous public higher education program in continuing the state neglect in making education inaccessible for all. Transforming all public learning institutions to income generating institutions, making the basic right into commodity in where only the few can afford to and producing non-thinking work force in support to global demand for cheap labor.Here in the region, about 83 higher education institutions (HEIs) were operating since 2010, 64 of it are privately owned while there are only 19 universities and colleges govern by the state including run by the local government. 
Tuitions and others fees in state universities and college average to Php6, 000.00-15,000.00 per semester. In fact, Mindanao University Science and Technology (MUST), given that it’s a “state university,” their tuition fee is more or less P325.00 per unit making the total expenses reach up to P11, 000.00-15,000.00 per semester. Obviously, this rate is close enough to the rates of the private schools. Given that it is a state university that should give chance to the less fortunate to avail quality and accessible education.

More Funds for Pork, Less for Education

While budget for education continues to dwindle, Aquino government prioritizes more the debt service, military expending, and pork barrel funds which had been used for corruption and bribery by most of the politicians.With the House Bill 2640 or the 2014 General Appropriation Bill (GAB) it still contains the P25.24-billion allocation for Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), along with the Lump-sum funds in the national budget, including the Special Purpose Funds (SPFs) worth P310 billion, unprogrammed Funds worth P139 billion and Automatic Appropriations worth P796 billion; questionable in-budget line items including funds for intelligence and confidential expenses worth P1.4 billion, PAMANA funds worth P7.22 billion, Conditional Cash Transfer Funds worth P62.6 billion, and funding for Bottom-Up Budgeting worth P20 billion, this will summed-up to more than P1 trillion presidential pork barrel. While there are some P56 billion to P113 billion worth included funds from realigned savings and hidden funds.While trillions worth of funds are being allocated to pork barrel, it only gives P34.7 billion for SUCs. Though it have increased nominally by 1.9 billion from the current P32.8 billion, still, 79 SUCs out of 110 will suffer next year due to hefty cuts based on the 2014 NEP including MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology here in the region. This is due to lower personnel service components, others due to lower allotment for maintenance and other operating expenses, and many due to zero capital outlay.More than P116 million will be slashed to MSU-IIT for its budget next year putting it at rank 3 with the biggest cuts in 2014 for SUCs. While in Mindanao State University in Marawi City, where majority of the youth here in the region or even in the entire island choose to enroll due to its cheapest tuition rate will suffer with its more than P829 million budget cut making it to top 2.Meanwhile, top performing state universities and colleges in the region such as Mindanao University of Science and Technology will most likely have their allocation from the state at 50% of their proposed budget. This is part of the implementation of RPHER aiming to have 50% of budget requirement of each SUCs coming from IGPs.

Our Call

The education crisis that prevails for how many decades manifests what kind of government we have now. A government that despite the outrage of the Filipino people against pork barrel and rampant corruption by government officials, still their up to clinging the funds for pork than re-channeling it directly to social services such as education. A government that only gives band-aid solutions for a rotten, cancer-ridden educational system. Education Act of 1985 with its RPHER under Noynoy is a deceptive device of the state in order to mislead the Filipino youth to the real solutions which hampers their interests specially the capitalist-educators. The Filipino youth together with other sectors will tirelessly continue its quest for an accessible and nationalist education.A massive campaign for the stoppage of continuing budget cuts to education and call for budget increase to all SUCs in the region and entire nation will be initiated to be led by Kabataan Partylist. Calling all students and academes to get involve and take a decisive stand in upholding our basic right for a free, accessible and quality education.


For Reference:

Regional CoordinatorKabataan Partylist Northern Mindanao Region

Regional Coordinator
College of the Editor’s Guild NMR

Martes, Hulyo 23, 2013

FREEDOM and JUSTICE!!!: SONA 2013: SONA nga ba para sa mamamayan o para sa...

FREEDOM and JUSTICE!!!: SONA 2013: SONA nga ba para sa mamamayan o para sa...:                                                    shhhh!!! Ano daw? Estudyante ng MSU-IIT na sumisigaw ng NO To Budget Cuts isang b...

Lunes, Hulyo 22, 2013


Pasko sa CASS

Christmas is the season of love, peace and unity, gift-giving and merry-making. As merry as the deer goes by was the year end party of the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) dubbed as CASS PASKUHAN 2013. This year’s celebration was themed “Paskong Pinoy “held at the CASS Student Lounge last December 12, 2012 from 5pm until 9pm. This event was made possible by the CASS Executive Council headed by the Governor, Jonaim Dipatuan and his constituents, the Society officers, and also our faculties headed by the Dean, Prof. Nora Clar. This year’s contests were Paskong Pinoy Christmas tree and the Bulletin Board Design Contest.

In addition, the LGBT group, AMEGS who stands as the host for the evening also gives an extra entertainment in their semi-comedy show that brings the house into groovy and alive. Many games and intermission numbers are also added in the program which participated by the students coming from the different departments.

Lastly, the night was ended as the awarding moment arises. For the Paskong Pinoy Christmas Tree contest, Political Science Society proclaimed as the winning team followed by the Kapilas Bayan and ended with the General Education Program. On the other hand, in the Bulletin Board contest, the GESO emerged as the champion, followed by the PSS as first runner-up and the Sociology society as the second runner-up.

Life must go on as how the ants in the grounds survive for their living. Hail to the winners and keep up the good sportsmanship. Ariba CASS!

SONA 2013: SONA nga ba para sa mamamayan o para sa iilan lamang ?!!!

                                                   shhhh!!! Ano daw?
Estudyante ng MSU-IIT
na sumisigaw ng NO To Budget Cuts
isang biktima ng demolisyon sa Brgy.Calangahan,
 Lugait Misamis Oriental
Ang SONA ng bayan ay taliwas sa SONA ni PEEnoy. Pinagmamalaki niya ang mga Positibong pag-angat ng Pilipinas. Tinawag pa daw ito ng mga Investors na "Rising Tiger" at tayo na rin daw ang nagpapautang. Yes, hello! natawa ako sa mga sinabi ng mga taong iyon. Hindi ba nila nakita ang mga kabataang nasa lansangan ang wala sa paaralan? Nakikisabay sa agos nang buhay para maiahon ang sarili sa araw-araw na pakikibaka para makakain at makatulong sa pamliya. Ang iba pa nga ay pinipilit nalang magtrabaho para may makain ang kanyang pamilya. Hindi ba nila nakikita ang mga taong nasa gilid ng kalsada nakatira? Ang mga tao sa Brgy. Calangahan, Lugait, Misamis Oriental na patuloy parin ang pagsasalap ng liwanag sa kabila ng dilim na daan na kanilang tinatawid para maibalik saila sa kanilang pwesto galing sa pagkasira ng kanilang mga bahay dahil sa Illegal Demolition na inaprobahan daw ng LGU at ng Korte ngunit wala silang natanggap ni anumang babala na may Demolisyon na magaganap. Mag-dadalawang buwan na rin silang nakasilong sa barongbarong na parang bahay ng "daga", sabi nga ng isang bumisitang kamag-anak ng biktima. Kay sakim talaga nila. Gobyerno! para kanino? Para sa mga may pera na nagbibigay ng pera pa-sekreto o sa mga mamamayan na naghihirap at inaapi ng kapwa tao ? Hay naku po. kay hirap talagang manghagip ng hustisya sa isang sistemang Bulok at Pasista. Pumaling naman tayo sa usaping pang-EDUKASYON. Ano ba kaya ang nagawa ng ikatlong taon ng reheming AQUINO para dito. "palaguin pa natin ang di bababa sa 40 bilyong piso kada taong dagdag ng perang napupunta sa edukasyon, kalusugan, serbisyong panlipunan, at marami pang iba, dahil sa tama at mas masugid na pagkolekta ng buwis; dama namin ang marami pang ibang patunay na talagang nagbabago ang lipunan."- sabi ni Pinoy sa kanyang speech. Yes, hello! kami dito sa MSU-IIT ay hindi iyan nadarama. Patuloy parin ang pag-increase ng mga bayarin sa Skwela. Assessment Fees, Internet at Medical fees, Excessive and redundant fees, at pati na rin mga IGPs (i.e Workbooks, Tickets at Tshirts.) Hindi namin basta-basta masisisi ang aming administrasyon dahil alam namin na sila ay biktima lang din sa pagkaltas ng budget para sa Edukasyon. " EDUCATION is a right and not a privilege," ngunit parang hindi ko na daing ang ibig iparating dito. Ang mga kabataang gustong mag-aral ay hindi nnakapag-aral dahil sa pag-taas ng mga Tuitions at Miscellaneous Fees. Ang iba namang mga studyante tulad sa MSU-Main, Marawi City na mula sa 15,000 na estudyante noong 2012 ay 12,000 nalang ngayong 2013. Hala saan sila nagpunta?  

Ang estado, itinayo para paglingkuran kayo. Kung may problema sa kalusugan, dapat kumakalinga ang gobyerno; sa panahon ng sakuna, nariyan din dapat ito para magbigay-lingap. Ano po ba ang ginagawa natin sa mga larangang ito?

Lunes, Marso 18, 2013

The Unleashed Truth about Tejada’s Death: Press Statement

Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in MSU-Main and MSU-IITFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

March 18, 2013

The Unleashed Truth about Tejada’s Death

Karapatan ng bawat mamamayan, mahirap o mayaman ang makapag-aral. Karapatan nilang malinang ang kanilang mga kakayahan at talento sa apat na sulok ng silid-aralan – mga talento at mga kadalubhasaan na sa takdang panahon ay maibabahagi rin nila sa iba. Ang edukasyon, ay hindi nasusukat ng kahit na anong halaga ng pera, dahil bawat isa sa atin ay may kakayahang matuto kung bibigyan lamang tayo ng pagkakataong mahubog ang ating mga kakayahan, sa loob man ng paaralan o sa lansangan.

Noong ika-15, 2013, nagulantang ang lahat sa balitang pagpapakamatay ng isang estudyante ng “Behavioral Science” sa UP-Manila. Ang naturang estudyante ay kinilalang si Kristel Pilar Mariz Tejada, labing-anim na taong gulang na kasalukuyang nasa unang taon niya sa kolehiyo. Nakakalungkot isipin na ang buhay ni Kristel, anak ng isang taxi driver at simpleng maybahay ay naging katumbas lamang nang kanyang “tuition fee”, sa nasabing unibersidad na hindi niya nagawang bayaran dahil sa kakulangan ng pagkakakitaan ng kanyang pamilya. Si Kristel ay napilitang tumigil sa pag-aaral sa bisa ng memorandum na “no late payment policy’ ng unibersidad. Ang naturang memorandum ay naipalabas noong Oktubre at nilagdaan ng Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs ng pamantasan na si Ginang Marie Josephine De Luna. Napilitang maghain ng “leave-of-absence” mula sa paaralan ang dalaga sa kadahilanang hindi na tinatawag ang kanyang pangalan sa mga klase. Ito ang naging hudyat ng lalo pang pagbaba ng kumpiyansa at tiwala ni Kristel sa kanyang sarili.
Ayon kay Ginang Andrea Martinez, guro ni Kristel, para sa dalaga, ang pag-aaral ay bahagi ng kanyang coping mechanism. Ang pag-aaral para kay Kristel ay hindi lamang simpleng paraan upang maabot niya ang kanyang mga pangarap kundi isa ring paraan upang panandalian niyang makalimutan ang kanyang mga problema. “Kapag nasa paaralan ako, nakakalimutan ko ang problema ko sa bahay at pamilya”, yan daw ang laging sinasabi ni Kristel kay Prof. Martinez.
Ayon kay Mark Frederick Magallanes, Spokesperson ng STAND-IIT, “Marahil ay masasabi nating mababaw ang dahilan ng pagpapakamatay ni Kristel.” Dagdag pa nya, “Subalit kung iisipin at kikilatisin nating mabuti, ang ginawang pagkitil ni Tejada sa kanyang buhay ay repleksyon lamang kung gaano kabulag at kabingi ang ating pamahalaan at ang naghaharing uri sa pagtapak at pagsasamantala sa mga karapatan ng mga taong salat sa buhay; mga taong ginagawa lamang na mga kasangkapan ng mga nasa taas upang lalong umangat.”

“Kung tutuusin, malaking porsyento ng dahilan ng pagkamatay ni Tejada ay ang sistema ng ating edukasyon na kung saan ay imbes karapatan ng bawat kabataan ang mag-aral, nagiging pribelihiyo na lamang ito.” Ayon kay Rochamae Bihag, Secretary General ng STAND-MSU Main.
“Kaya ngayong darating na March 20, 2013, mananawagan ang mga organisasyon ng mga kabataan kasama na dito ang College Editors Guild of the Philippines at League of the Filipino Students upang isulong ang karapatan ng bawat estudyante sa edukasyon. Magkakaroon ng Candle Lighting, March Rally, Leafleting at Poetry Concert sa MSU Main at MSU-IIT.”-Bihag.
Kami sa STAND Party ay kasama sa milyun-milyong mamamayan at libu-libong mga iskolar ng bayan sa pagkundena sa mapaniil, bulok at baluktot na sistema ng gobyerno na nagiging dahilan ng pagiging kumersyalisado ng edukasyon sa ating bansa. Karapatan ng lahat ang makapag-aral at magkaroon ng sapat na edukasyon. Karapatan ng bawat isa, mahirap man o mayaman ang mabigyan ng pantay na pagtingin sa ating mga karapatan! #

For Reference:Mark Frederick MagallanesSpokesperson, STAND-IIT09263109319

Rochamae BihagSecretary General, STAND-MSU Main09106344738

Linggo, Marso 17, 2013

My Advocacies to Significantly Change My Philippines

by:(Jorry E. Padayogdog (MSU-IIT) 
Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology
BSBA-Entrepreneurial Marketing 3)

It has been years that the Pearl of the Orient-Philippines does not get into their aim to progress. It is said that there is no constant things on earth except change, but why is Philippines remain the same yesterday, today and I think tomorrow too. What’s wrong really, with our country- why can’t we seemingly take off unlike our Asian neighbours and how can a leader like me enforce reforms utilizing my expertise and competencies?
I can’t really declare that there is something wrong with the Philippines at present time. I rather say that our country is in a journey considering that we are a developing country. We are leading somewhere better. So there is nothing wrong, maybe a couple of flaws but there is really nothing wrong a generation of leaders and good citizens cannot fix. Significantly changing the Philippines is really a tough challenge that a student leader like me can do. I can actually forecast a great picture of the Philippines but, as for this time, I can say that it is still far from here and now. As a catalyst for change, I have this advocacies-eradicating poverty, erase the negative mind set of the Filipinos, help develop their initiative and increase public awareness.
As a BSBA-Entrepreneurial Marketing student, we are trained on how to make business ideas into venture. If given the chance to lead, as a future entrepreneur, I would help develop more business and therefore creating more employment in Mindanao where I came from. Development here in Mindanao is very stagnant, so it would be a challenge to lead in optimizing our limited natural resources considering that people nowadays has unlimited wants and needs. By doing this, I can help my country in eradicating poverty which is one of the seven agenda of Millennium Development Goals that would end this 2015.
Second, I will help erase the negative mind set of the Filipinos. Most of the Filipinos are lack of self-confidence to really spur the Philippines into a better nation. As student leader, I need to share sound practices. I need to have the courage to share the passion of doing good things- thus, what is right should be keep right and what is wrong should make right.
Third, I want to help my Fellowmen to develop initiative. Filipinos lack this, so I think that for us to progress, it needs people who have the initiative to work hard for their country. Filipinos tend to rely so much on our government officials. We don’t have the initiative within the self -level. As a business student motivating people has been taught in our managements subjects, this knowledge can be a useful tool to encourage Filipinos to have their own initiative.
Lastly, I will help to increase public awareness for most of the Filipinos don’t care. A lot of them don’t act on the problems that they see. I think that the reason is because people are not well-informed of the possible solutions we can do as a concern citizen. So as a marketing student I can become a tool for effective communication and dissemination of information on solutions to significantly change my home country. By way of advertisement using different media or advertising tools can be a solution to inform the public. If all this advocacies can be implemented there is no second thought that significant changes will follow. As an active student leader and an academic-oriented person, I am willing to be a bridge for change because I love my own my native land, Philippines My Philippines!

Biyernes, Marso 15, 2013


ni German Gervacio

A scientific discipline, such as sociology, anthropology, or psychology, in which the actions and reactions of humans and animals are studied through observational and experimental methods.

sige nga, mag-experiment tayo
dapat lang
tayo kasi ang mga pantas
ang siga
ang astig

maglagay tayo ng mga kuting
sa isang garapon

at obserbahan natin

kung halimbawang

ang isang kuting ay palayasin natin

dahil nabalam ang pag-iintriga niya ng daga

na pinakabayad niya 
sa pagtira niya sa garapon

dahil ang kanyang papa cat
at mama cat

ay naantala sa pagsasangla
ng labingwalo nitong

mga buhay

panoorin natin

kung paano ngumawa ang kuting
kung paano

hanggang magasgas

ang tuhod
at dangal

mga hangal naman talaga itong kahayupan

kaya dapat lang ito sa kanila

ni hindi nga nila alam

na kanila naman talaga 

ang garapon

kaya, sige nga

mag-experiment tayo

gaya nang lagi nating ginagawa

at mataman natin silang obserbahan

kung paano nagdadalamhati

ang kahayupan




parang tunay ang pagdadalamhati

sa pagkawala ng isang buhay

ng isang babaeng kuting

sige nga,

mag-experiment tayo...

obserbahan natin

kung magkakalakas-loob na itong

mga kahayupang ito




ng a











Miyerkules, Marso 6, 2013

WE ARE NOT AFRAID: A Press Statement


Press statement
06 March 2012

We will never be cowed:
We condemn harassment and surveillance of MAKABAYAN Lanao Headquarters
 and personnel

The Makabayang Koalisyon ng Mamamayan (MAKABAYAN) Lanao, a national political party aspiring for genuine change and democracy, strongly condemns the grave harassment and intimidation against Piston Partylist Provincial coordinator for Lanao Kenneth Floyd Navarro on March 4, 2013. We also condemn the surveillance activities against the Makabayan Lanao Headquarters and personnel for the past few days.

Around 7:10 in the evening of March 04, 2013, a man wearing leather jacket bringing with him a hand-held radio followed Kenneth Navarro for about 20mins from Brgy. San Miguel near Famous Pension House up to Tibanga highway near Sanitarium Hospital. After Navarro noticed that he was being followed, he rode a habal-habal (motorcycle) to get to his destination that evening. However, this is when he noticed that a dark blue van with no plate number is following him. When he dropped off at the public market the van also stopped at the entrance where he was again followed by four men, having hand-held radio with them. When he thought he got rid of them in the public market he then preceded to Bara-as near the talipapa. After a few minutes he saw the dark blue van again passing by the route that he had taken. These confirmed that he was being followed that night.

During the past few days, Makabayan-Lanao Headquarters had been put under surveillance. The volunteers and coordinators identified a blue motorcycle with no plate number, tinted black SUV with tinted plate number, and a black motorcycle parked outside the headquarters monitoring our activities.

Additionally, there have been many instances that the sari-sari store adjacent our headquarters had been bothered by various unidentified men asking the whereabouts of our coordinators and who are the people inside our headquarters. Lanao Coordinators of ACT Teachers Partylist, Kabataan Partylist and Anakpawis Partylist have also been receiving calls from unidentified persons.

Earlier, the Lanao Provincial Assembly of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines on February 22-24, 2013 at Villa Lacida Resort in linamon, Lanao del Norte was also harassed. An uninvited man who did not disclose his name trespassed the assembly on February 22, asked for the copy of the program, and stayed around the assembly for about 45minutes.  After the Assembly, the elected Vice Chairperson of CEGP Lanao, Riz Sunio, received calls from a certain Armando Liman who identified himself as a member of the Philippine National Police. The caller tried to befriend Sunio and asked her about CEGP’s planned activities, especially on March 8 International Women’s Day. CEGP-Lanao is currently occupying an office space at the Makabayan headquarters, and is also a member of the Kabataan Partylist.

Needless to say, those who are aspiring for genuine change and democracy for the people are the ones being targeted of harassment and intimidation courtesy of the state forces. This clearly shows that the current political set-up ruled by a few elite families will do everything just to maintain the status quo and hinder the politics of change brought about by the progressive coalition of MAKABAYAN with Teddy CasiƄo as senatorial candidate and allied partylists BayanMuna, Gabriela Womens Party, Anakpawis, Kabataan, Piston, KATRIBU, Migrante and Akap Bata.

We will not take these with a blind eye, we vow to file charges against any officials of the police, military or any individuals who disregard the rights of our coordinators, officers, volunteers and members. The history of human rights violations perpetuated by state forces toward the progressive bloc speaks for itself. The 137 extrajudicial killings, 14 enforced disappearances and more than 27,000 cases of harassment under the Pinoy administration exhibit the continuing human rights violations done with impunity.

And most of all, we will never be cowed. We will continue to assert our desire for change despite the continued attacks against our ranks. Now more than ever, the people’s assertion for national development and respect on our democratic rights have been all the more justified, and became even more urgent.

For reference:

Vennel Francis Chenfoo
Spokesperson, MAKABAYAN Lanao
Tel: +63 (63) 222 6515
Mobile: +63 935 233 1509
E-mail: makabayan.lanao@gmail.com

Martes, Pebrero 19, 2013


Student's Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in MSU-IIT (STAND-IIT) is a party that mended with platform based and principle based.

This Students Political party aims to Change the old systematic way of the Institute Council in leading the Students inside the University. It is really obvious that our 3 Major Campaign for change is always repeating as is the struggle of the students inside the campus is also continuous.

Let's Start to make a change by voting STAND-IIT and let them set in the KASAMA to ensure everyone for a pro-student, Palaban, Tunay at Makabayan na Student Council. We will assure the rights and welfare of the Students inside and outside the campus.

For President:

JOSHUA ZOLETA (http://www.facebook.com/joshua.successor?fref=ts)

For the SENATOR:

INOCIAN KATRINA (http://www.facebook.com/kat.inocian?fref=ts)

JEFFERSON LABIAL (http://www.facebook.com/orange.coccktail?fref=ts)

LIMJOCO ROMMEL (http://www.facebook.com/chubx16?fref=ts)

TINOY MIRALUNA (http://www.facebook.com/miiradaguisonan.tinoy?fref=ts)

EDWIN VERSOLA (http://www.facebook.com/eversola?fref=ts)





I have known this person JOSHUA BRAVO ZOLETA, personally.

I have known him as a God-Fearing, FRIENDLY, Happy and Gay, Athletic and above all ACHIEVER (esp. Academics).

Now that he is running as your NEXT KASAMA PRESIDENT, allow me to campaign and above all LAY all the CARDS as to WHY, he should be the NEXT KASAMA PRESIDENT.

Joshua Bravo Zoleta, a Metallurgical Engineering Student, raised in the land of Cotabato City, is a person whose LEADERSHIP SKILLS had been PROVEN and TESTED. He graduated with PRIDE and HONOR and was AWARDED for his EXCELLENCE in LEADERSHIP.Here are some of his leadership awards:

1. Sen. Miguel Zubiri Leadership Award - 2010
2. Sen. Jamby Madrigal Leadership Award -2010
3. Sen. Chiz Escudero Leadership Award -2010
4. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Leadership Award - 2010
5. Most Outstanding Student Leader- Awarded by CISCO National Leadership Training in 2010.

He continued his PASSION and COMMITTED SERVICE as one of Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement Inc.(PSALM) STUDENT LEADER. His Eagerness to SERVE his fellow IITians especially in the College of Engineering made him as one of its DYNAMIC APPOINTEE in 2011 under the leadership of former COE Gove. Carl Rhamel Montecalvo Adavan and soon was elected last year in 2012 KASAMA Election as COE - GOVERNOR.

HE MANAGE his time as a full-time Metallurgical Engineering student, COE Governor, and at the same time UTILITY Spiker of MSU-IIT Volleyball Varsity and HE still maintained his SCHOLARSHIP under the scholarship grant by Philippines- Australia Resource Excellence Education Program (PAREEP).


ALLOW Mr. JOSHUA BRAVO ZOLETA be your forefront of the CHANGE.



Biyernes, Pebrero 15, 2013


"it's about time to make a stand"

In Defense of Student Activism

“Do not go gentle into that good night… Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.” –Dylan Thomas We thought we were dying. We thought student activism had gone down the slope, and had become irreconcilably “uncool” for this generation. Truth be told, for the past four years that we’ve been in UP, walkouts have barely reached a competitive number compared to the number of attendees from the last corporate-sponsored shindig. We thought that, nowadays, it was impossible for the students of the University to mobilize for something other than the Oblation Run or the Lantern Parade. But we were wrong. At least, for a day. Last November 25, an estimated number of three thousand students from UP Diliman walked out in protest of the 1.39 Billion-peso budget cut that the Aquino administration was slashing off from State Universities and Colleges (SUC’s). True, there remains a strong opposition from our Senators, namely Sen. Drilon and Sen. Sotto, on the reality of the budget cut, but even Malacanang admits to committing the reduction. More credible than Malacanang itself are the thousands of University-educated young individuals—not just from UP Diliman, not just from the UP System—who took it to the streets and made themselves visible and vulnerable to the state’s most gentle police force. Any UP student knows what it’s like to come to a classroom with chipped linoleum tiles, dilapitated plywood ceilings, while at the same time, trying to complete their thesis in the Main Library which has not had electricity for three months now. We needed, and still need, that additional budget. Thousands of us tried to take a stand. It was high-time for student activism. Nevertheless, last Wednesday, the Senators, our Senators, turned deaf ears to the protests held right in front of their gates, voting against the re-alignment of the country’s budget; voting for bombs, not books, a militarized budget with an overblown increase for the purchase of arms. The Aquino administration, undeniably overflowing with wisdom, has insightfully advised for SUC’s to find other ways to generate income to replace the lost budget. They suggested that UP utilize its land grants, by selling or renting these lands to corporations to earn money, citing Ayala TechnoHub as such a project; as if the University, or worse, the SUC’s, could earn as much as 1.39 Billion with such projects. True, the UP Charter allows such dealings to be made. However, it does not allow these deals to replace the budget allotted for the University. And if the government continues to encourage corporations to take hold of the University, the graduates of UP will not feel morally obliged to serve the country any more. On the other hand, they, we, would be adopted sons and daughters of corporations—and education would simply be a matter of money, a commercial asset. There, I have said the necessary lines to justify protesting against the budget cut. It’s quite well-known among us who were there in the mobilizations. Now, let me get on your nerves. During the first day of the walkout, we defaced the white pillars of Palma Hall with spray paint stencils of a hangman tied to a yellow noose. The noose was shaped like Noynoy’s yellow ribbon. Quite artful, in fact. Witty. Far from mere vandalism. With our less than legible penmanship, we wrote our messages of protest on the walls with red paint. On the streets, we painted caricatures of the President which showed a more realistic image of the President for us—twisted and unmerciful. We cut our classes for those days and missed out on lessons students were obliged to learn in order to “truly become students.” We know these “activist habits” usually turn off those who are not in to the rallying scene. Trust us, though, these turn us off, too. I mean, wala na ngang budget, sisirain pa ‘yung gamit, or, wala na ngang budget, di pa papasok sa klase, right? Believe us, if it didn’t turn us off as well, we would not have wanted to do it in the first place. Why do we protest against the budget cut, when we spend so much for spray paint to deface school property? Twisted logic, we know. However, that’s exactly our point. We are happy we turn you off. True, Palma Hall is indeed much more beautiful without the hangman. I’ve had a dozen group pictures of myself taken there with friends when it was much cleaner during my earlier years in UP. True, it would have been neat to jog around the Acad Oval without the gangsta graffiti on the road. True, I would have had a clean attendance record for my classes had I not rallied. I know these for myself. However, we would not have been able to show our aghast at the filthy misdeeds of the Aquino administration had we done none of those. We would have been complacent, conforming to the “alternative” offered by the government. Anyway, we know we are brilliant Iskolars ng Bayan, we can get the grade even if we miss a few meetings, but we can never fight for the future Iskolars ng Bayan if the budget is slashed now. Had we not vandalized, had we not disrupted the everyday routine of coming to class, then it would have been submission to the blatant neglect done by the government. We have to ask ourselves, what conditions would make us rage? We don’t rage when we comfortably watch the sensationalized news of a reporter too excited to get the scoop. We don’t rage against the news of the budget cut when it’s sandwiched between commercials of our favorite celebrities. We don’t rage against the violence committed against our farmers when it’s shown to us in class and we need to write an essay on it to get a grade. We rage only when we, ourselves, are held tight, suffocating. We rage when we see disorder, when we are in disorder. Thus, our cry is to heighten this disorder. The atrocities done cannot be countered by silence. Philippine society has become too comfortable with this supposed “order” of things. What we agitated students want to do is to rouse you, rattle you, to rage against this comfort we all know so well. True, that sumptuous feast of bacon and eggs you’re having is not an illusion, but the comfort is a farce. What society has successfully trained us to do is to shut off our critical minds to the violence we, ourselves, are unconsciously dealing by simply being thankful for the simple things in life, when nothing ever is that simple. We must be active against active decay. We are not pushing for anarchy, though. That’s why we’re extending our invitation to everyone who can and are willing. That is why we’re here. We’re right beside you. We’re not just faces on the boob tube, not just Facebook status messages, not just signatures on a piece of paper those Senators would never see, not just students confined in the classroom, but we’re students who stand by our choice and its consequences. And we choose to fight for a decent answer, even if it means standing under the heat, being accosted by the police, and missing out on our classes which, really, we value. A lot. Perhaps, too much. We’ve tried lobbying in Congress, we’ve tried talking to those in power, we’ve pulled out all the stops, but we still get no decent answer. So, how else do you accommodate thousands of raging students? Definitely by keeping them out of GSIS Complex. A day is good enough for a restart. We are losing time. Soon enough, the Iskolar ng Bayan might take on the face of only those who are financially-fortunate if this injustice continues. We can serve the country now, even if we have yet to join the workforce. Represent the student sector. Let it be that for once, the students of the University feel what it’s like to fight for a greater cause, to fight a losing game, and in the end, lose it. Just as Rizal’s character, Simoun, fueled Basilio’s anger against the system by subjecting him to defeat, let the administration’s stupidity fuel the anger of the youth, the young, to lead them to an inspired war against the status quo. In a way, we are thankful for losing that battle. More and more, we are seeing how this Administration is trying to kill us. Yes, we are dying. But we are not dying without a fight. Dino Pineda is a student of UP Diliman and an active member of UP Asterisk. By DLS Pineda.

We uphold Accountability,Responsibility,and TRUE Integrated Governance.

We STAND for every rights of the students.

We value the essence of STUDENT EMPOWERMENT.

We STAND up for the revival of college based STUDENT PUBLICATIONS.

We STAND up for EQUALITY and RESPECT and SOLIDARITY with our muslim, lumad and christian brothers and sisters.


We STAND up for the struggle of every organizations to be recognized in the Institute so that they can conduct activities and strengthen their organizations.

We just don't TALK, or just think of our personal IDEOLOGIES.

Vote this coming elections.. STAND IIT.

Miyerkules, Enero 30, 2013

Jesus Knows You're Here :))

Jesus Knows You're Here...

A burglar broke into a house one night.
 He shined his flashlight around, looking
for valuables when a voice in the dark said,
'Jesus knows you're here.'
He nearly jumped out of his skin, clicked his flashlight off, and froze.
When he heard nothing more,
after a bit, he shook his head and
Just as he pulled the stereo out
so he could disconnect the wires, clear as a bell
he heard 'Jesus is watching you.'

Freaked out, he shined his light around frantically,
 looking for the source of the voice.

Finally, in the corner of the room, his
flashlight beam came to rest on a parrot.

'Did you say that?' he hissed at the parrot.

'Yep', the parrot confessed, then squawked,
 'I'm just trying to warn you that he is
watching you.'

The burglar relaxed. 'Warn me,
huh? Who in the world are you ?'

'Moses,' replied the bird.

'Moses?' the burglar laughed.
'What kind of people would name a
bird Moses?'

'The kind of people that would name a
Rottweiler Jesus.'

Martes, Enero 22, 2013

MSU-IIT: Pasko sa CASS

Pasko sa CASS
By: Limjoco Rommel

Christmas is the season of love, peace and unity, gift-giving and merry-making. As merry as the deer goes by was the year end party of the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) dubbed as CASS PASKUHAN 2013. This year’s celebration was themed “Paskong Pinoy “held at the CASS Student Lounge last December 12, 2012 from 5pm until 9pm. This event was made possible by the CASS Executive Council headed by the Governor, Jonaim Dipatuan and his constituents, the Society officers, and also our faculties headed by the Dean, Prof. Nora Clar. This year’s contests were Paskong Pinoy Christmas tree and the Bulletin Board Design Contest.
In addition, the LGBT group, AMEGS who stands as the host for the evening also gives an extra entertainment in their semi-comedy show that brings the house into groovy and alive. Many games and intermission numbers are also added in the program which participated by the students coming from the different departments.
Lastly, the night was ended as the awarding moment arises. For the Paskong Pinoy Christmas Tree contest, Political Science Society proclaimed as the winning team followed by the Kapilas Bayan and ended with the General Education Program. On the other hand, in the Bulletin Board contest, the GESO emerged as the champion, followed by the PSS as first runner-up and the Sociology society as the second runner-up.
Life must go on as how the ants in the grounds survive for their living. Hail to the winners and keep up the good sportsmanship. Ariba CASS!

Linggo, Enero 13, 2013

Taurus Horoscope for January 13, 2013 :))

Your Love Horoscope

This is a period for you Taurus where some of your emotional baggage is going to free up when it comes to love. It is possible that you will encounter people from your past today, and though this may cause some initial angst, it will allow you to clear up any unresolved issues. Phone calls may be important today, and you may hear from someone that you have not heard from in some time. Or you may yourself be the one that will reach back into your past. In either case, this communication will definitely open the doors for some new opportunities and experiences for you, so long as you are open to the change.

 Your Fortune Cookie Of The Day

Biyernes, Enero 4, 2013

hello 2013 :))

Blogging is not my passion.. but I do love writing and it seems that I have to practice to make some adjustments in my learning process. I do believe that everything that you're dreaming of will be overcome if you work for it . As 2013 approaches in my pathway, I am trying to change some of my routine that may affect my personality as well as my studies ..

According to wikipedia: 

    Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which knowledgeskills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, research, or simply through autodidacticism.

As our young generation faces the new world, they must really acquire the strong built education in which they could ride on the upgrade session of the generation. 

Friends, readers and churvachu .. what can you say about 2013?