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Linggo, Marso 17, 2013

My Advocacies to Significantly Change My Philippines

by:(Jorry E. Padayogdog (MSU-IIT) 
Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology
BSBA-Entrepreneurial Marketing 3)

It has been years that the Pearl of the Orient-Philippines does not get into their aim to progress. It is said that there is no constant things on earth except change, but why is Philippines remain the same yesterday, today and I think tomorrow too. What’s wrong really, with our country- why can’t we seemingly take off unlike our Asian neighbours and how can a leader like me enforce reforms utilizing my expertise and competencies?
I can’t really declare that there is something wrong with the Philippines at present time. I rather say that our country is in a journey considering that we are a developing country. We are leading somewhere better. So there is nothing wrong, maybe a couple of flaws but there is really nothing wrong a generation of leaders and good citizens cannot fix. Significantly changing the Philippines is really a tough challenge that a student leader like me can do. I can actually forecast a great picture of the Philippines but, as for this time, I can say that it is still far from here and now. As a catalyst for change, I have this advocacies-eradicating poverty, erase the negative mind set of the Filipinos, help develop their initiative and increase public awareness.
As a BSBA-Entrepreneurial Marketing student, we are trained on how to make business ideas into venture. If given the chance to lead, as a future entrepreneur, I would help develop more business and therefore creating more employment in Mindanao where I came from. Development here in Mindanao is very stagnant, so it would be a challenge to lead in optimizing our limited natural resources considering that people nowadays has unlimited wants and needs. By doing this, I can help my country in eradicating poverty which is one of the seven agenda of Millennium Development Goals that would end this 2015.
Second, I will help erase the negative mind set of the Filipinos. Most of the Filipinos are lack of self-confidence to really spur the Philippines into a better nation. As student leader, I need to share sound practices. I need to have the courage to share the passion of doing good things- thus, what is right should be keep right and what is wrong should make right.
Third, I want to help my Fellowmen to develop initiative. Filipinos lack this, so I think that for us to progress, it needs people who have the initiative to work hard for their country. Filipinos tend to rely so much on our government officials. We don’t have the initiative within the self -level. As a business student motivating people has been taught in our managements subjects, this knowledge can be a useful tool to encourage Filipinos to have their own initiative.
Lastly, I will help to increase public awareness for most of the Filipinos don’t care. A lot of them don’t act on the problems that they see. I think that the reason is because people are not well-informed of the possible solutions we can do as a concern citizen. So as a marketing student I can become a tool for effective communication and dissemination of information on solutions to significantly change my home country. By way of advertisement using different media or advertising tools can be a solution to inform the public. If all this advocacies can be implemented there is no second thought that significant changes will follow. As an active student leader and an academic-oriented person, I am willing to be a bridge for change because I love my own my native land, Philippines My Philippines!